Treating Anxiety And Panic Attacks With Hypnosis

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What Happens When You Go For The First Time

You have probably seen so many articles and books recommending hypnosis for treating anxiety and panic attacks. But I am sure a lot of people out there are just wondering well what happens when you go see a hypnotherapist for the first time. If your already in state of anxiety attacks the last thing you need is to be feeling anxious about going to see a hypnotherapist and doing hypnotherapy.

So speaking from experience I thought I would write my experiences so you have some idea what to expect if you decide that this is something for you.

The first thing is they ask you questions about what is going on with your life and what you are experiencing and what you would like to achieve by doing hypnosis. So they can get to know you better and you feel a little bit at ease,

Once that has been discussed they will usually explain what hypnotherapy is about and what is going to happen so you understand the process. Most practitioners have the same method and some have different methods but really hypnotherapy is all about getting you to relax..

So once the formalities are over you usually lay on a couch or suit in a comfortable recliner chair. They will get you to close your eyes and they will start guiding you to relax, by taking deep breaths and relaxing your body. Then once you start relaxing they will just keep getting you more and more relaxed. The first time is always the hardest but try and go with the flow here and just let go. It’s a great experience to let go when you have been so tense from anxiety and panic attacks.

Then once they can see you are relaxed they will start making suggestions in your mind about a way for you to get through this time. They may also get you do some visualizations’ and put you in a place that feels nice to be there. Its all part of getting you to relax. All this usually lasts about 30mins or even longer but the first session is usually only about 30min long.

In the first session you may feel a bit uncomfortable and that’s ok because this is all new territory for you. But remember if you’re making the move to do something about getting rid of anxiety and panic attacks then that’s the most important thing here.

Now if your not comfortable about going and seeing someone for hypnotherapy then there a lot of CDs that you can buy and do it yourself in the comfort of your own home. But I feel that going to see a hypnotherapist at least once you will benefit a great deal  because then if you have questions they can be answered while you are there. Then you can could do it at home at your own leisure.

When I suffered anxiety and panic attacks and I was ready to get rid of them this is how it all started for me I started with doing hypnosis then went on to do it by myself at home everyday until they were gone.

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