Relieving Stress and Anxiety

“How to Stop Anxiety Attacks” is — a series of cutting-edge strategies that helps YOU to break your cycles of nervousness and anxiety, overcome anxiety and panic attacks for the rest of your life, and return to a happy, carefree life…
Why are we so stressed, why are we so full of anxiety these days? Is there so much pressure on us these days that we have to conform to every one else in society that we have forgotten who we are as people and that we have forgotten what we want in our life.It seems life of today is just one big competition of keeping up with the ego.

The media of today are always throwing so many ads on TV on how you can get this great car, stereo, Plasma TV, house, house extension or just more money and buy what you want for this interest free period and how easy it is to get ourselves into more debt. Then there’s more stress and anxiety in our lives because of debt.

People of today have forgotten how to think for themselves, they spend so much time in front of the TV that they don’t have to think, it’s all put in front of them. There are so many subliminal messages coming from the TV. Go do a search on subliminal messages on the TV; you would be surprised on how you are being programmed. Do you want to be programmed?

How about giving up TV all together. I gave up TV 4 years ago now and don’t miss it at all. I gave up newspapers and radio. Now I don’t have the media portraying to me how I feel today I make the decision how I feel today. People ask me but how do you know what’s going in the world? If I really want to know I can look it up on the internet and I read the story for myself, you always know what’s going on around the world but you know what you want to know not what the media thinks you should know.

Yes we do have choices and options in this world and if we are in control of what is being fed to our brains then the less anxiety and stress we are going to have in our lives because we are taking control. Wouldn’t it be an interesting concept that if we had a no TV for a week campaign.

So what do you do instead of TV, how about some music, think about it, when one of your favorite songs come on the radio how do you feel, you feel great and you smile. Then there are other songs that can make you feel sad. So if music can do that to you what is TV doing to you. So for a week try playing all your favorite music every night for a week, play music that is relaxing while you unwind from work and eat your dinner don’t watch the news.

Then after dinner you can play high vibration music and turn it up loud let the music vibrate through your body dance around the house and sing, the worst that can happen while you’re doing this is you will probably let go, let go of what? Well that’s it isn’t? Let go of all that doesn’t really matter anyway and you will feel good again and that’s what is important it’s about you not anyone else.

Learn to let go it’s the only way to go in getting rid of stress and anxiety in your life.

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