List of Great Upbeat Music

“How to Stop Anxiety Attacks” is — a series of cutting-edge strategies that helps YOU to break your cycles of nervousness and anxiety, overcome anxiety and panic attacks for the rest of your life, and return to a happy, carefree life…

Here is a list of songs to get you dancing and jumping around . Get up and move dance how you like it doesn't matter what you look like just dance, there are no rules when it comes to dancing.

*Safri Duo •Higher Love •Rise •All the people in the world •Played Alive •Sweet Freedom •Snakefood *Proud – Heather Small *Get up – Captain Jack feat. Gipsy Kings *It Feels so Good – Sonique *Muzaik – Infernal (extended mix) *Vogue – Madonna

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List of Great Upbeat Music

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