You don’t have to live with chronic anxiety! Try these natural treatments for anxiety

“How to Stop Anxiety Attacks” is — a series of cutting-edge strategies that helps YOU to break your cycles of nervousness and anxiety, overcome anxiety and panic attacks for the rest of your life, and return to a happy, carefree life…

The symptoms of anxiety not only interfere with your daily life, but are debilitating in the sense that you become less productive and efficient in performing the tasks you need to do. This only fuels increased anxiety.

You should discuss your anxiety with your health practitioner, particularly when it’s chronic and/or acute. Your doctor may want to prescribe an anti-anxiety medication for temporary relief while you transition to methods to natural treatments for anxiety. Generally speaking, it’s not a good idea to take these medicines for the long term, as they can become addictive. There are exceptions, as in the case of what’s called ‘generalized anxiety disorder’, where the cause is psychologically based in deep seated traumas.

Your first step towards natural treatments for anxiety is an assessment of your diet. If you drink a lot of coffee or sodas which contain caffeine, you may be washing away valuable nutrients which help maintain healthy nerves and can even negatively affect your mood.

Processed and highly refined foods, MSG, preservatives and too much salt can result in chronic anxiety! Check product labels and try to stick with fresh foods for the majority of your menus. When you buy meat, be aware that growth hormones, such as DES are given to animals raised for meat and can increase symptoms of anxiety. Organically raised animals are not given these chemicals, so you might try buying natural meats and see if this doesn’t make a difference. Making these few dietary changes can be one of your most important treatments for anxiety!

Some people, who are quite sensitive to the effects of caffeine, find that exercise and just plain hard manual work is one of the most effective natural treatments for anxiety. We all tend to be too sedentary and this can be a major contributing factor to chronic anxiety. Burn off some of that excess energy with some heavy chores, or a half hour of vigorous exercise.

At the same time, too much of the rat race, running errands and racing around from one must-do task to another, taxes your body and doesn’t make for a peaceful mind. Taking some time outs is a good thing when it comes to dealing with anxiety. Instead of coming home and stationing yourself in front of the tube, have some quiet time where you truly relax. Read a book, take a bath, do some imagery exercises, clearing your mind of the day to day worries and nagging thoughts.

Aromatherapy is another of the natural treatments for anxiety. Aromatherapy is based on breathing the scents of essential oils, which your brain responds to in a favorable way for a variety of conditions. The essential oil of lavender is well known to promote relaxation and ease tension. A little whiff of lavender oil, which can be purchased in small vials at herb shops, can quash those unpleasant anxiety symptoms marvelously!

Put all of these natural treatments for anxiety to work for you today. You’ll feel the difference!

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