Getting rid of testing anxiety is not a simple matter

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If you have never suffered from serious test anxiety, might be a ltle b difficult to picture what is like. Test anxiety isn’t just a normal p of the stomach feeling you get when you are about to take a difficult quiz. It is about 10 times to a hundred times more powerful than that. Sometimes you shake. Other times, your stomach turns into knots. Sometimes, you get so panicked that you can’t even hold a pencil correctly. It is embarrassing and is strange, but there is nothing you can do about on your own. Unless you get help, you will fall further and further into . Your testing anxiety will cause you to do badly on tests, which in turn will increase your anxiety. For me was a vicious circle and so my parents finally took me in to see someone.

Getting rid of testing anxiety is not a simple matter. There is not a single pill you can take, and the therapist won’t be able to do everything for you. Basically, if you want to get rid of your anxiety about testing, you have to take a multipronged approach. First of all, you need practice taking tests in safe environments

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